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Gift for Lazaray!

Title: Just Because
Author: summerborn
Recipient: lazaray
Pairing: Bellatrix/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Regulus receives a visit from Bellatrix – his older, more experienced, and let's not forget Death Eater cousin.
Warnings: Bondage, dubious consent, rough sex.
Author's Note: Thanks to two helpful and speedy betas [emiime and almostblue]; thanks to stephanometra for herding cats in a thunderstorm. 1900 words.

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Gift for RedCandle17!

Title: One Summer's Day
Author: coffee_n_cocoa
Recipient: redcandle17
Pairing(s): Blaise/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blaise catches Ginny alone at Bill and Fleur's wedding reception.
Warnings: Mild dub-con if you squint.
Author's Note: Thanks to my beta for looking this over, and thanks especially to Stephanometra for her extraordinary patience.

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Gift for WildeFan!

Title: The Color of Absinthe
Author: kethlenda
Recipient: embossedsilver
Pairing(s): Tom/Minerva
Rating: R
Summary: A perceptive person, perhaps, could pinpoint the days Minerva finds herself thinking of him. It is on these days that she wears green.
Warnings: light bondage, alcohol
Author's Note: Hope you enjoy this, embossedsilver! Thanks to S, for the beta.

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Gift for Lovepickle!

Title: Paradigm Perfection
Author: littledust
Recipient: lovepickle
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes characters do not accept the boundaries of their own canon--but then what?
Warnings: Chan that really isn't. Gratuitous literature references.
Author's Notes: This fic is based on the premise that 1) meta is cool, and 2) reality operates differently in the Room of Requirement. Plays a bit fast and loose with HBP canon, more correctly classified as an AU. Hope you enjoy, lovepickle! :)

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Gift for Ragdoll!

Title: Something Worth Fighting For
Author: browneydweasley
Recipient: ragdoll
Pairing(s): Bill/Tonks
Rating: R
Summary: It had been almost twenty years since they were here, and effortlessly, Bill was making her feel like a backward, shy, and love-struck sixteen year old again.
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Special thanks to my fantastic betas: M, T, & D!

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Gift for Ronniekins328!

This icon is probably a little antagonistic for this story, but it's the only Ron/Hermione one I have.

Title: Safe
Author: exiled_mind
Recipient: ronniekins328
Pairing(s): Ron/Hermione
Rating: R
Summary: A captive is taken and a rescue is mounted.
Warnings: References to torture, angst
Author's Note: Many thanks to my lovely beta, and to stephanometra for holding this exchange and for being such an understanding and flexible storymistress ;)

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Gift for CrazyLittleMe!

Title: Possession
Author: kethlenda
Recipient: littledust
Pairing(s): Bellatrix/Sirius with a bit of Bellatrix/Regulus and implied Bellatrix/Narcissa
Rating: R
Summary: I intended to take back what was mine.
Warnings: incest, and the boys are underage
Author's Note: Hope you like this, littledust! Thanks to my lovely betas, S and M. (That sounds dirty. But those are really their initials.) They deserve lots of ♥ for putting up with my weird POVs and random tangents (I did shorten up the one scene a bit and hope it works better that way…). Oh, and I've used my own little fanon for the ages of the Black cousins; tree or no tree, in my universe the age difference between Bella and Sirius is six years.
Mod's Note: Now with 100% less fucked-up html!

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Gift for Exiled_Mind!

Title: But I Can Try
Author: cinnamon_sins
Recipient: exiled_mind
Pairing(s): Tonks/Percy
Rating: R
Summary: Tonks wants to teach Percy how to loosen up and as much as Percy wants to say no; he's drawn in by her unpredictableness.
Warnings: Het, rarepair...ummm...not sure what else
Author's Note: I stepped so far out of my comfort zone with this that it wasn't even funny. But this was a good experience. Thanks to all those that listened while I wibbled relentlessly. And special thanks to my beta...who knows who she is.

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