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Gift for Lazaray!

Title: Just Because
Author: summerborn
Recipient: lazaray
Pairing: Bellatrix/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Regulus receives a visit from Bellatrix – his older, more experienced, and let's not forget Death Eater cousin.
Warnings: Bondage, dubious consent, rough sex.
Author's Note: Thanks to two helpful and speedy betas [emiime and almostblue]; thanks to stephanometra for herding cats in a thunderstorm. 1900 words.


Regulus hated the Christmas holidays.

It hadn't been so bad when he was younger, but Sirius ran off when Regulus was just 14, which meant he was alone every Christmas with two of the most horrible people in polite Wizarding society. At least this would be his last year of it. After the first, he'd learned to spend most of his time in the garden. It was the one place he could go where his mother wouldn't follow to to pester him about whether he'd talked to Bellatrix yet about the Organisation, how were his preparations for NEWTs coming along, and had he heard anything definite from Bellatrix yet about getting in to speak with someone, at least?

Regulus didn't want to answer those questions because he didn't want to talk to Bellatrix about her husband's "organisation". He didn't want to know if they would take him in, didn't want to ask for any favours, to become a supplicant. He was the heir to the House of Black, not some common henchman! So he brooded in the garden: the youngest Black, the one that always got left behind, scuffing at the stones on the path because he didn't want to do anything.

The worst part today was the weather. It wasn't just cold, it was bloody freezing. It was one thing to be cold in the company of others, sharing the misery, but to be cold and alone in your own garden... when you knew no one was coming out to bring you a scarf, or even just to lend you an ear to talk things over... that was really the worst. It was too cold to sit on the stone bench in this secluded corner of the garden, so Regulus paced; he paced and thought angry, sullen thoughts about older brothers who abandoned their families.

He had just turned from the wall toward the bench again when he saw her, standing just on the other side of the path. For a split second he thought she was some sort of hallucination, and perhaps he'd been too long in sub-zero temperatures. And then she moved.

"Hello, little cousin." Bellatrix stepped around the bench and advanced toward him, a slight smile twisting the corners of her mouth.

Regulus took a reflexive half-step back – most of his life Bellatrix had been someone to avoid at all costs – then stopped and stood his ground. "Bellatrix," he said. "What are you doing here?"

"Your mother told me where to find you." She brushed a strand of glossy black hair out of her face.

I should have thought of gloves too, Regulus thought absently. "No, I meant, why are you looking for me?"

Bellatrix's smile grew. She was a decade older than he was, but not old by any means, and very attractive in a detached, ruthless sort of way. "I wanted to talk to you," she said, taking another step closer to him.

"So talk."

Instead of answering, she took another step forward, the puffs of her breath in the cold air mingling with his. Regulus wished then that he were just a bit taller; looking directly into Bellatrix Lestrange's eyes was unsettling. But he refused to back down.

"Well?" he snapped.

"So forceful!" Bellatrix jeered. "Let me guess, you're feeling a bit put out because everyone seems to be pressuring you to join the Dark Lord." She plucked her wand from an inner pocket as Regulus gaped. "Didn't think I'd get right to the point?"

"I&mdash" He did take a step back then, and Bellatrix pressed him forward, one hand on his chest, the other gripping her wand. "Bellatrix, you don't – "

He should have had his wand out, he should have pushed her away, he should have hexed her – but he was against the wall before he did any of those things. Bellatrix flicked her wand, and Regulus' hands were slammed into the wall at his sides.

"What do you think you're doing?!" He pulled, but the magical bonds holding his arms allowed no movement at all.

"You have a lot to learn, cousin. I think I could show you a thing or two." She smiled sweetly, put her wand away, and began to take off one of her gloves.

Regulus had been outraged; now, he began to worry. There really was no telling what Bellatrix would do, and his parents certainly weren't going to come out here by chance. "Couldn't you just... tell me?"

Bellatrix moved closer, until mere inches separated their bodies.

"No, I don't think so." She leaned forward, pressing her palm against his groin and murmuring into his ear. "I'll stop if you want, dear cousin, but you'll have to accept the consequences."

"Bella..." His groan was caught somewhere between protest and need, and he was pushing his hips forward against her hand before he could stop himself. He was seventeen, after all, and her touch was firm and sure, not hesitant and too light like that Slytherin girl behind the Quidditch bleachers sixth year. "C-consequences?"

She pulled back to look at his face and grinned, showing the shiny white points of her teeth, and then slid his robes open. He flinched when the frigid air hit his stomach, but Bella closed the gap with her body and all he could feel was her warmth, from her body against his and her hand snaking its way into his pants, massaging his cock toward hardness.

"You have to choose," she whispered. "If you say yes, I'll take the bonds off and we can do this your way – hell, you can tie me up if you want. If you say no..." Her hand tightened like a claw around the base of his cock, making him gasp. "We'll do something else instead, and I promise you won't enjoy it."

Regulus' mind was spinning. This was his cousin, wasn't it? More to the point, it was Bellatrix Lestrange, and he knew what she was capable of. She was offering a choice, but even he could see that it was no choice at all. "All right," he choked out. "My way."

Her grip loosened then, and she stepped back with a satisfied smirk, drawing her wand. "Finite Incantatem. Now, do you want – "

The instant his hands were free, Regulus launched himself off the wall and onto Bellatrix. Caught off-balance, she stumbled and they went sprawling together onto the frigid ground.

"Watch your – !"

"My way," Regulus told her, and drew his own wand. "Incarcerous!" Thin ropes appeared out of the air, binding Bellatrix's hands together and to the heavy stone bench five feet away. A flick downwards secured her ankles as well, though loosely – she had plenty of room to move. For a brief second he considered leaving her out here, and the glint in her eyes said she knew what he was thinking.

"Why, Regulus," she crooned, "I didn't think you'd actually tie me up! How... domineering of you." She tilted her chin, daring him, and he knew that there would be worse than hell to pay if he didn't go through with it. He steeled himself and hiked up her robes, exposing her knees to the chill air. Slowly, he ran a hand up one of her thighs, feeling the prickle of goose pimples, though her mocking expression showed no sign of being affected by the cold.

The sooner he got this over with, the better.

He slid his hand up further and raised his eyebrows. "No knickers, Bella? What would Rodolphus think?" He stroked his fingers across her hip, wallowing for a moment in the tense, uneasy anticipation that spread through his body.

"Rodolphus isn't here." She twisted her hips, seeking out his hand, and growled low. "Now stop playing ar – "

Regulus grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted, forcing her head to the side. "You're the one that said my way, Bella. So just – shut up." And she closed her eyes and smiled, offering only token resistance against his hand. He didn't loosen his grip on the sleek locks as he thrust the fingers of his other hand into her, roughly, three at once. She was hot, and already wet, and all Regulus could think was that one of his hands was on fire while the other, tangled in her hair, was cramping from the cold.

Then she moaned, pushing against his fingers. The tightness curling in his belly took hold of his cock, drawing it to full hardness, and he realised for the first time: I'm going to fuck her. And a few seconds later: I actually want to.

It was wrong, it was so wrong for so many reasons – they were cousins, she was married, he'd been taught to treat women with respect – but here he was, about to use Bellatrix Lestrange like a whore, and he wasn't sure which horrified him more: that she seemed to like it, or that being rough with her was turning him on.

Enough thinking. Regulus had to let go of her hair then to pull his cock free, and shit it was cold so he hurried, pushing into her wet and waiting hole. Her head tilted back, her arms straining against the rope, and Regulus pulled out and back in, forcing her body against the hard, cold ground.

He wasn't going to last long, he could tell already. He was young, and she was hot and clenching around him, somehow, as he their bodies rocked together. He didn't ask if she was all right, or slow down – he just thrust his cock into her over and over as if she were just a, a toy for him to fuck, and she was moaning like she liked it, and he was – he was about to –

His fingers clutched at her hips as he shuddered, spilling himself inside her, eyes shut tight. Orgasms always made him light-headed. He fell onto one arm, panting, working up the courage to open his eyes and face Bellatrix. She was motionless underneath him, which he thought was as good a sign as any, so he cracked open one eye, still trying to catch his breath.

Bella was watching him with amusement glittering in her dark eyes. Rather than speak, he slid out and moved off of her, sprawling bonelessly onto his back at her side. He tucked himself away – it was really fucking cold out – before ending the spell that had kept her tied up.

He lay there, watching, as Bellatrix picked herself up off the ground and straightened out her robes. Was that it, then? She was just going to walk back into the house? Regulus felt a rush of embarrassment, of juvenile anxiety about his performance, which was ridiculous because he hadn't even been trying to make it good for her. They hadn't even kissed. It didn't count, it wasn't real...

"Bella." She paused and looked down at him. "What exactly was the lesson I was supposed to get out of this?"

"Ah, my sweet, innocent little cousin." Bellatrix knelt down, smirking, and ruffled his hair in a parody of affection. "Just because you're forced to do something doesn't mean you can't enjoy it."


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Tags: bellatrix, bellatrix/regulus, blackcest, het, regulus

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