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Gift for Nightfalltwen!

Title: Reunited And It Feels So Good.
Author: joanne_c
Recipient: nightfalltwen
Pairing(s): Fred/George/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hermione and the twins reunite after a summer apart.
Warnings: Double penetration, twincest, threesome.
Author's Note: Written for the hp_backtosmut challenge.


"I've been doing some reading over the summer," Hermione said, still wrapped up between her lovers. "I miss you two so much, and I'm not about to go out and find some silly boy to flirt with…" she giggled as Fred kissed her shoulder. "I have two of those here…"

It was the first Saturday Hermione had been able to get to the village after returning to Hogwarts. On mutual agreement, they'd decided that there was only one place to celebrate their reunion – in bed. It didn't matter that it was mid-afternoon now, following a few spirited sessions of sex. There was always need for more between them.

"So what have you been reading, my sweet Hermione?" George asked. "Something of the… interesting variety?" he asked, his fingers moving over her thigh, heading for her pussy.

She clamped her legs closed, trapping that wandering hand. "Something very interesting. I've been reading about sex," she whispered, laughing. "You know, if you can't do it… reading about it is the next best thing…" she shivered a bit as George moved his hand.

"Anything interesting – to us?" Fred asked, his lips moving over her collarbone, down to the top of her breasts.

"Yes," Hermione said, a bit breathlessly. "And if you two will stop distracting me – as lovely as the distraction is – I will tell you…"

Fred and George both stopped then, and looked up at her. "Come on then," Fred said. "Or I'll just ravish you again."

"Insatiable," Hermione sighed. "I am a lucky girl…" she continued at the look from them both. "I want to feel both of you inside me at the same time. I was reading about double penetration and…" she blushed a bit, but got it out. "It was so sexy, and it made me so wet, I had to make myself come just imagining it with you…"

The twins looked at each other, then at Hermione.

"How do you mean?" Fred asked.

"One in your pussy, one in your ass?" George suggested.

"That's one way to do it, and one way I'd love to try – you know I love you both in those places separately," Hermione said. "But no… this way was… both of you in my pussy. At the same time…" she flushed deeply at that. "That's what really made me hot."

"I can see why it did," Fred smiled. "And I for one say yes…"

"I'm not saying no," George replied, and moaned as his hard cock brushed against Hermione.

"How would it work?" Fred asked. "Because I love the idea, but…"

Hermione smiled. "I worked out how to do it from the books. I lay on my back, spread my legs as wide as I can. One of you over one thigh and pushing in, the other doing the same only more in the middle, so to speak…" she strokes the cocks of both of her lovers. "God, you want this too, don't you?"

"Yes," George said, gasping. "Don't you think maybe you should come first? Make you more relaxed?"

"Come and get me boys," Hermione whimpered, laying back and giving her body over to them. She shivered as Fred began to kiss and lick her breasts, caressing the soft, warm flesh with his tongue and hands.

George went right for her pussy, tongue snaking over the lips, up to her clit, flicking the tiny bead of flesh until she was screaming with pleasure. Then he pushed two fingers inside her, feeling how wet she was. "Never change, do you, love?" he asks, curling his fingers up to her g-spot, stroking firmly.

"She's perfect just as she is, why would we want her to change?" Fred asked, kissing him quickly.

George moaned into the kiss for a moment, never stopping the movement with his fingers.

Hermione watched them, shivering with pleasure as George's fingers played with her. She loved to watch them together as much as she loved them working on her. One of their sessions earlier had been Fred taking George while Hermione played with herself and got herself off watching them. Every moan from George's lips had made her pussy twitch and grow wetter. Watching them now had a very similar effect.

"Going to come…" she whimpered. "Please…"

Those few words were enough for the twins to separate, Fred taking her mouth and George lowering to lap at her clit until she screamed and came, fluids slick around his fingers.

He brought his hand to his mouth to taste. "Always so sweet…" he moaned.

"Should we use something to… ease the path?" Fred asked as they moved to make the attempt.

Hermione chuckled low. "Darling Fred, I'm so wet that if you put anything else inside me, you'd slide right out…"

"It'll be fine," George said. "We'll take it slow and carefully." He situated himself over her thigh and pushed ahead, carefully. "Mmmm, feels so good and hot," he said. "Like always…"

Fred came up carefully and maneuvered around George. More nervous, he moved tentatively at first, feeling Hermione's pussy and George's cock and wondered how he'd get in there. And then, just a moment of judicious pushing and he was inside, his cock moving slickly with George''.

"We're inside you, oh… god!" He cried out.

"Both of you, stretching me and filling me so very full," Hermione moaned. "God so, so good…" she clenched her pussy, pushing them closer together.

"Oh fuck, yes," George cried out. "Hermione!"

Fred got up the courage, after finding the rhythm with George, to move his head to her breast and suck and bite gently on a nipple.

"F…Fred…" Hermione moaned and writhed under them. "Feels so good…"

"You both feel amazing," George moans. "Need to… oh god not going to last…"

"Me either," Fred agreed and almost before he'd said it, the heat and wetness and Hermione's writhing combined and he came inside her, cock pressed right against George's.

The movement of Fred's cock against him set George off and he yelled as he came, feeling Fred and Hermione around him.

Hermione was close but needed just a little more. Fred recovered and could see that, so he pinched her clit lightly between his fingers and she came hard, clenching tight around them both.

"So…" Fred kissed her softly, "was it everything you thought it would be? Because I can say I enjoyed it completely with you both…"

"What Fred said," George murmured. "It was fantastic."

"I'm going to be walking funny for a week, and I'm never going to be able to look at a broomstick the same way again," Hermione whimpered. "But we are so doing this more…"

"Whatever the lady says," Fred grinned and pulled the covers over them, wrapping himself around Hermione on one side, holding her after the intense experience they'd shared.

"Your wish is my command," George replied and settled against her other side, taking Fred's hand and kissing the fingers softly.

"How long do you have again?" Fred asked Hermione, lips brushing her cheek.

"I need to be back for lights out, but I spoke to Professor McGonagall, I don't have to be back until then," Hermione said. "Why?"

"Because," Fred answered, lips moving down to her neck, "I think we need to do a thorough inspection of your reading material. See what else we can find to do with each other…"

"I think that's an excellent idea," George said, his hand moving to cup Fred's hip. "Maybe we can even find something to do to thank Hermione for this wonderful time?"

"Oh I can think of ways for you to thank me without you having to read a word," Hermione murmured. "Like you both touching and kissing each other for me again…"

"Later," George said, yawning slightly. "Think I need a little bit of recovery time."

Fred concurred and lay his head on Hermione's shoulder. "Later, insatiable wench," he teased her.

Hermione giggled and wrapped around them. "Boys do need some time to recover," she teased and closed her own eyes, enjoying the ache in her body from the wonderful encounter.


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Tags: fred, george, hermione, hermione/fred/george, threesome

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